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Birth Story Saturday

Hey friends! Every Saturday on the Northeast Sisterhood Instagram page I host "Birth Story Saturday". I choose a few stories that have been sent in and post them to the Instagram story. I believe all birth is beautiful and if you are willing to share your story it deserves to be heard. No matter what your birth story is, I want to share it. We all have different experiences and I feel that by sharing them we can learn and grow. As a Birth Doula, I have never heard the same exact birth story. I am constantly learning.

If you are willing to share your birth story and have a desire to have it be heard, let me know.

If you want, I can share your story and tag you in it. If you do not feel comfortable sharing your name,I will post it as an anonymous submission.

I understand that typing your birth story can be a difficult thing to do. If this is why you haven't shared it, you can send me an audio or video recording and I will gladly type the story up for you.

If you want to submit your story please send me an email at , go to the contact section on the website and put "birth story" in the subject box, or send me a instant message to my instagram page Northeast_Sisterhood and I will reach out to you. I look forward to hearing your stories.


Mallory Siesel

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